Fruition Life Media has over two decades of experience that's demonstrated though our ability to utilize extensive knowledge of production techniques both industry standards and those unique to clients.

Please let us know how we may be able to accommodate you with our many serves.

  • HD Multi-Camera Live Streaming
  • Commercial Ads  (Television & Internet)
  • Public Relation Events (Promotional & Marketing Material)
  • Instructional and Education Videos
  • Safety Training Videos
  • Legal (Living Wills, Visual Aid Services for Court Cases)
  • Corporate Meetings, Focus Groups, and Seminars

Video Production


Fruition Life Media is the go to professionals to photograph and capture that special moment at your next corporate event.  We specialize in capture large events, corporate group or solo photography.



Multi-Camera Live  Recording and Streaming

Take your event to the next level when you hire Fruition Life Media, to stream your event live. With our experience crew we can display your event  similar to live broadcast television programs.

 We can display your event live onto jumbo screens, using multiple camera angles, show  pictures in pictures graphics, and playback  video announcements  that will keep your audience intrigued.

Call us today for a free consolation on how we can help bring your next event vision into fruition.